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Have you given your siding much thought? If you have not, then it is not that surprising. After all, even the best of us don’t really see its benefits, other than improving your home’s curb appeal slightly. But there is more to this underappreciated part of your house. One such benefit is that the siding can increase your home’s thermal efficiency. This would mean that you do not have to pay high electricity bills during winter. Thus, your carbon footprint is not as big compared to having no siding at all because you and your household are not consuming a large amount of energy just to keep your home warm during cold season. Do you now see the importance of a siding? If so, then you should engage in the siding service of Padilla Roofing and Siding Contracting.

We have been delivering top-of-the-line siding and roofing services to homeowners in Princeton, IA for three decades. If you are wondering how we ever managed to do that, then you should pay close attention to what we say.

Vinyl Siding

In our long years of providing siding service, we have observed that vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding types. One of the reasons for this is its longevity. If it is properly installed, it can last for thirty to forty years. You cannot go wrong with choosing the vinyl siding color that will perfectly match your roof’s color. It can even mimic the beauty of wood siding without the drawback of being vulnerable to termites.



Metal Siding – Another popular siding type is metal siding. A lot of roofing contractors would urge their customers to use this because it is not susceptible to water damage. It also requires low maintenance. If you are concerned about its environmental impact, then don’t fret! Modern technology has made it possible for it to be created with least amount of waste product.

You can always rely on Padilla Roofing and Siding Contracting for your siding service needs, just like so many homeowners in Princeton, IA do. We do not just offer siding installation services. We can also help you maintain it. So what are you waiting for? Call us now at (563) 562-8064 for more information!

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